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Reason's to be Cheerful - Part Ten






Improved Customer Service, Find anything instantly. Reduced Costs, Greater Efficiencies.





Eliminate the costs associated  with filing Cabinet's,







Eliminate Photocopier Costs , fax Costs, Printing Costs and reduce your  Companies Carbon Footprint.





Improve Your Disaster Recovery Plan, Improved Compliance with the Data Protection act, Ecommerce act, Heath & Safety act,




More Space, No more lost files





Future Proof, Regardless of your OS , now and in the future, Integrates with all Search Engines.





Non Proprietary Secure Solution - We Don't have the Keys to your Filing Cabinet





 Automatic Backup of all your Companies Information Assets





Easier Collaboration between Staff and Customers





Improved Carbon Footprint, reduced costs, increase in Productivity.

Our Document and File Management system works in 3 easy steps.
Simply scan your documents at a touch of a button on our high speed network scanners  or export them directly from any application.
Index through key stroke entry or automatic index using barcode or OCR technology.
No more lost files. Retrieval is simple and instant and integrates with almost all Search engines
   Telephone 1850 923 823  
  Docit Solutions are used by Analog Devices, Wyeth, Shannon Aerospace, Air Atlanta,?Mc Donalds, ABC Brokers, Panda Waste, Wyeth Askeaton, Dairygold, Castlemahon Foods, ESB, Hitachi, SES Aviation, Royal Institute of Architects, Tourism College, Mid Western Lifts, Sligo County Council, HKM Milling, Hunt Office Supplies, G & A Manifold, Virtual Staff Services, Dr. Kieran Murphy - Medical Practice, Brendan Nolan Engineers, Power Home Products, Aillied Semi Conductors, MediKleen, Stryker, Anaduff Credit Union, Carrick Credit Union, Wexford Credit Union, Armagh Credit Union, Shannon Credit Union, Kilrush Credit Union, Douglas Credit Union, Fermoy Credit Union, Examiner News Papers, Molloy McSharry Insurance Brokers, Kerrys Eye Newspaper, Aisling Software, Bupa Ireland, Barrys Express, M J Butler Solicitors, Sean Mahon & Co. Solicitiors, J P Foley Solicitors, T. K. Madden & Co. Solicitors, Bernard Cunnane Solicitors, GE Electric, McDonaghs Hardware, Telfords Hardware, Beattys Hardware, TDS,?and many many more organisations through out Ireland  


About Us

Products Partners Contact Us Support Clients


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